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Wow, even DSL pales in comparison to the school's network. It took me many hours to simply upload all these photographs. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten to captioning these photographs; I'm sure a lot of context might be lost. Also, you'll notice: 1.) Many "duplicate" shots. I try to shoot without flash, so I take two or three sequential shots in the hopes at least one coming out blur-free. As I haven't captioned them, also have I not sorted out the bad shots. 2.) I like to shot random stuff, landscapes, buildings, architecture, crowds, etc. Hurray for digital cameras and infinite "film," eh?

[ Day 1 - I Am 8-Bit Art Gallery & Hollywood ]
[ Day 2 - Six Flags & Wandering Around Inglewood ]
[ Day 3 - Sunset & World Cafe ]
[ Day 4 - The Price is Right, Magic Johnson's Friday's, & Celebration Party ]
[ Day 5 - NBC & PF Chang's ]
[ Day 6 - Leaving ]

I may or may not get to captioning them. Also, I have several video clips that may be of interest (several from the flight back with us clapping and throwing around pillows). If/when I upload them, I'll first need to compress them.
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