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Inside Jokes / Memories

ADD TO THESE! :-) I can't think of them all right now! Comment and I'll add them.


Frank: Friendship and love!

Peeing our pants
Random clapping/laughing/cheering, A.K.A. being part of a studio audience
Singing TPIR theme song
Fucking P.F. Chang’s / breaking chopsticks
Hotel Chinese place [effing rip-off]
The bubbling hot tub!
Leighton, master of U-turns
The General
The Baseball Guys
The Gay Guys
The jumping-on-glass dude
Batman/Superman/Zorro/Elvis/crazy Jeepers Creepers dude/Mardi Gras guy in Hollywood!
Our messed up shirts
"The Price is Right, bitch!"
The car crash at Yurani’s step-uncle’s
EVERYONE getting spicy Chinese food EXCEPT John at the B-rated China Town place! [Dude, CA and Chinese must just NOT go together]
Getting lost a bazillion times
China Town & all the freaking Asians/AZN's!
Six Flags [wtf was with the organization/lines/shit breaking down!?]
Bobby [Bobb-o?] looking for Sean’s car forever
Late-night drunken “warnings” from the “hotel staff” ;-)
Jamba Juice
Wtf is up with them NOT being able to split food bills in California!?
FranknScott [one word]
"There's going to be a lot more out than in when they go to In-and-out-burger."
Las Vegas
No celebrities. :-(
The hugest mansion in the whole effing world [Greystone]
Fucking Cinderella Man signs everywhere
The all-girls school
Disneyland rap
Moving trash can?
Greg’s brain = 70% home décor
$30 [no, $26!!! Hahahaha!] steak
Leno / Dennis Miller
The beauty/uniqueness of Malibu and Venice
Playing asshole
The red dragon
Nick winning the car
The Yurani/Jason B./Dani/Sean/Carl/Janel Goliath picture
Disney rap
Italian ice
Dani/boobs [same thing! ;-)]
Mountains & ear popping
3…2…1…get out!
Leighton’s battery dying
Beverly Hills/Hollywood/Sunset Blvd./Rodeo Drive/Hollywood sign/Grauman’s Chinese Theatre/Hollywood & Vine/The Viper Room
That crazy ass seaweed!
All the effing nice cars
The two BMW dealerships on the same intersection ("Wow, BMW dealerships are like Starbucks's here.”)
“Do you guys have big dicks?”
$10/$20/$10 Harry Potter towel
TPIR’s cardboard set ;-0
"Mutual funds."
Bob Barker and the orange face!
Scotty don’t!
Fuck the dealer
Trying to sneak into the hot tub late at night
Happy Gilmore
Billy Gunn!
Nick = Peter Brady/Matthew Lawrence
“Choke the bitch!”
Joining gangs & dealing drugs
Call-order prostitutes
Santa Monica
The duck orgy
Stupid bus / metro system
Passion fruit tea
“It’s just money.”
Paying for parking everywhere
Hooker metal bed
Walkie talkies
NO LEFT HAND TURN SIGNALS! [like 2 in the whole damn city]
The line ride
X and “right now!”
Crossing over the wrong side of the tracks in Inglewood
Being the most threatening people
Beware of dog
Peeing in front of the police building
Annabelle / splurging on the $1.50 variety pack
Latinos at 1 am
Carl #2 on the second flight back
The Frank look-a-like in the magazine
“Does anyone know where the intersection of La Fajita & Suppository is?”
Ricky + 7 miles + the rain
Balloon knot at the beach
Wayne Brady
Carl's post-meal body rub-downs
The Slick One
Leaving the backpack on the shuttle
I said Yu-RAN-y!
the yur-meister / yuri gragarian
"He did not walk, he did not swim, but he waaaaaded!"

John: Yeah, we didn't mean to fag up your trip.
Yurani: It’s okay.
Jason Gauci: Dude, we're going to LA, this trip was fagged from the beginning.

Kitzzy: That license plate has a heart on it as one of the letters.
Jason Gauci: I wonder if you can get any symbol...if so, I want my front license plate to be a car html tag and my back plate to be the closing tag.

Jen: You want some?
Yurani: What is it?
Jen: Banana nut.
Yurani: I want a seed.
Jen: That’s a walnut.
Yurani: No, it’s a banana nut.
Jen: ...no, the muffin is banana and the nuts are walnuts.
Yurani: ... [lololol]

Frank: What does T.S. mean on the hooker ads?
Jason Gauci: Terminal Syphillis?
Frank: Maybe...oh wait, here we go - "Transexual."
Jason Gauci: SIGN ME UP!

Retard form UCLA: Alright guys, canned laughter in 3..2..1..
Jason Gauci: Hahahahaha..JUST PUT STRINGS ON ME AND CALL ME PINOCCHIO..hahahahaha!

Jason Gauci: From the people that brought you Ragu comes Man-Goo alfredo sauce.
Janel: ......
Jason Gauci: Yeah, I dunno where that came from either.

Ride Operator: Sorry, but we are experiencing technical difficulties.
Jason B.: Fuuuuuuuuck that.

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I'm not sure who all was there right now. But, when X broke down right now. That crazy asian guy kept reiterating "right now."

That was an awesome trip. Big thanks to Jen and Yurani for planning it. :)


haha, oh man.. I can't wait for the 20th.
Lol. :-D So added. And you're welcome!
How about when buying all those expensive meals and telling ourselves, "it's only money."
When Scott, Frank, Janel, and I went out to Randy's Donuts and the burger place next to it, Janel was really worried about getting mugged or something. By who? The black man with the $300 Blackberry and shoes that cost more than ours combined? (preceding sentence provided by Scott) Scott also explained how we were the most threatening people out that night.

Let's see...going in Inglewood, we literally crossed over the wrong side of the tracks.

And there was this Japanese autoshop with Beware of Dog signs all across the fence. But the dog looked so sad.

While coming back home, we stopped at the Police Training building to look at the statue. I needed to whiz, and Frank suggested I just go there. It'd be the perfect crime, he said; no one would expect anyone to try to pull something right in front of the Police building.

Oh, and there was all that coin-dispensed, self-serve newstand pornography that we bought. We got ripped off on so many levels. First we got the 50 cent LA X...Press, walked a bit down the street and saw a free version. Only difference was the cover wasn't in color. Feeling we were missing anything truly dirty, we "splurged" on the $1.50 variety pack...which also contained a color issue of LA X...Press, however this one being outdated. And also some ads from Vegas. And a hotel magazine from one of the big casinos. Moral of the story, that ugly Annabelle has too many picture advertisements in these things...ugh.
And apparently that one asian guy on the last leg of our flight has a similar top-of-head as I do, according to Yurani. And apparently you'd have to hang out with me more to better know what the top of my head looks like....
hey that family of latinos eating outside at 1am was pretty intimidating also

“Does anyone know where the intersection of La Fajita & Suppository is?”
Theres that prostitute I killed/
When was this!?
Ricky walking 7 miles.

Yeah, go me.
There were also my post-meal body rub-downs, examples of which can be seen in Janel's pics.