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hey everyone..i know its been a few days since we've gotten back to Florida...but i just wanted to thank EVERYONE again for such a successful trip. Yes, jen and I did arrange a lot of it but you guys all contributed as well..and in a BIG way...we had a few moments of stress..trying to figure out who rode in what car and what not...but overall..it could have been A LOT worse! You guys were all so patient and understanding and that means a lot to both Jen and me. We also want to thank you for ALL showing up to the airport on time and for making sure you all had your tickets and what not...also thank you for paying all your monies on time...Collecting monies was one of the biggest stresses Jen and I dealt with..especially with 24 of us...but you all were very considerate and that was AWESOME! I made 20 or so WONDERFUL new friends and I hope all of you that came on this trip knowing NO ONE also left with meeting some amazing people. We all have to keep in touch and definately hang out sometime. I'm sure Jen will want to continue her Monday night bowling at Aloma bowl at 8:30 pm..that is more her thing than mine..but I'm sure i will make it periodically...if you guys have any fun plans and want more people around...you know where to reach one another :) Maybe next summer we can all plan another trip :) I love you all very much and I hope you all have an amazing summer :)
<3 Yurani the brown one

oh and thank you to all of those who contributed linx for pictures, videos and such :)
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