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Another Trip?

Hey everyone!

I was chatting with Yurani the other day and the thought of another trip came across our minds... Yes, I know, money is tight right now, being fisted with gas prices and all, it's hard to think about it but I thought a few ideas thrown out there wouldn't hurt.

Yurani was thinking a cruise of some sort... which would be awesome, but the regulations state that someone in the cabin has to be at least 24 years old to make the reservations. While that person wouldn't be "required" to stay in the cabin, the reservation has to be made with him/her in it. Relaxing on a floating hotel...

My idea was NYC. The upfront costs of transportation would be practically cut... Taxi's and Subways are the way to get around. There would only be airfare and the hotel stay. Shows, museums, Broadway, the tourist thing, etc.

Any other suggestions?

Anyways, I think that for the dollar spent last May, the trip was awesome and a great success. I'm glad I had the opportunity to meet a large diverse, yet friendly crowd. I hope everyone who went on TPIR trip would consider having another fun-filled trip this upcoming May 2006.

This is just a drawing board, but let's start by throwing in our thoughts and go from there!
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I would REALLY love to. I mean, you have no idea, I've always wanted to go to New York City and stuff. But money is going to be very tight for me this year. I had an extra $2500 in scholarships last year to live off of, and this year it isn't going to be like that. If you can get a base price together and stuff, I will definitely think about it, but for now I'm going to have to say no. :-( Let me know though.
Yeah, understandable.

My goal is to give everyone plenty of time to slowly save up for it.
I agree with Jen. I would also love to go to NYC, I've never been there. But, I am poor, and won't have a job for a while. Plus, I need to take summer courses, so that's extra money. =/
I completely forgot about summer courses. I have to take one, too. There goes the income tax money that I was hoping might let me go. Sigh. Oh, well.
My friend and I are planning a road trip to NYC. Stopping by Atlanta (staying with our friend) and stopping at Maryland (staying with Family) and possibly staying in New Jersey and commuting over to NYC.

Of course...simply for the purpose of The Daily Show and Conan.

This is planned for late December/early we'll see what happens eh.

A cruise is a good idea...but that is definately a matter of money.
i would love to go to the daily show
I was thinking this last year. I love NY and really want to go back there. Jason and I (and I know others) are interested in the Daily Show. There is just so much to do there. I really have been dying to go on a cruise. If we got enough people, we might be able to get a really good deal on one.

If you decide on NYC, you may want to check this out
thats pretty cheap! thanks for thelink
Yeah, nice.
I'm not big into city stuff but I always wanted to do like a ski trip or rock climbing or something like that.